Cauthen’s commentary is full of fear-mongering

I am blown away by Cauthen’s “The U.S. Naval Academy is Adrift” of Nov 11, 2022.

So full of fear mongering and provocative words (maybe I could report him as I am “woke” and find his words offensive) like woke (a pejorative for empathy), appease, political masters, cancel culture, racist systems, purified, atonement, hidden sins, totalitarian, marxist struggle.

Holy Cow. The military has always been at the forefront of social change. It is slow (integrating almost 100 years after the civil war ended) but faster than society and these changes slowly bring about desirable change in the greater society.

Apparently the author seems to think that enough change has come to American Society whereas many other citizens seem to think more needs to be done. The problem here is he predicts disaster without giving a single example. Blacks, women, and gays seem to be able to run the machines and follow orders just fine. They also are full citizens. Perhaps they, also, would like to be treated as if they were welcome.

His complaint really goes to DOD policies and not those of the US Naval Academy. Presumably, those who instituted these policies considered his issues along with others before instituting them.

This diatribe is nothing more than a desire to maintain biased systems (biased towards his group probably) in the name of “academic freedom”. It envelopes the worst of right wing extremism. It has no place in the modern military.

Frank Day, CDR, MC, USNR(ret), USNA ’66’s
Walnut Creek, CA