Diversity and equity go against the Constitution’s equality

“Diversity” has long been known as a codeword for “quotas”, in the sense that merit is bypassed in favor of racial numbers. “Equity” has the same intent to bypass equal opportunity and hard work in order to reach the socialist ideal that is often spoken, but never comes true in practice. The fact that an ex-ship-commander couldn’t see how DEI is Marxist makes me wonder if critical thinking is no longer valued in today’s society.

“Past wrongs” have long outworn their freshness as a reason to favor some races over others. The original argument during the Civil Rights Debates was whether Blacks would be able to compete with Whites and Asians in a western-technology society. After all this time, unfortunately, it looks like the answer may be no, and we should examine why without putting the burden on everyone else but the people who are underperforming. We cannot fix or address a problem if we keep pretending it is something other than what it is. Blacks can’t do as well in high school, for example, if they have a history of not doing the homework. What happened long ago in slavery (there are more slaves today than there ever were 200 years ago) has got nothing to do with poor grades for someone who doesn’t study or do homework. Let’s keep an eye on the real problems and fix those, first.

Mike Sigman
Durango, CO