Beating the Kafka trap at GWU

To the editor:

Which is chicken and whichthe𲵲?

IF we take as a given — thelaw firm hired by GWU evidently does — thattheBDS Movement sweeping through college campuses nationwide is simplyan“issue … being debated”…and thattocriticize or seektocurtail that debate “could infringe on free speech principles and academic freedom”, well then whatever Prof. Sheehi said (or did not say) can be seentobe simply a part of that reasonable debate process.

And IF…we additionally recognize thattheso-called ‘Diversity’ course she is teaching is specifically designedtochallenge students’ own “cultural histories and biases” ..well then again: whatevertheprofessor said or did not say, can be assumedtobe a natural part of that ‘challenging’: “Of course you were uncomfortable, whenever our biases are challenged it feels uncomfortable.”

We cannot be surprised attheoutcome ofthe‘objective’ 3rd party study of this asserted persecution. It found whattheLeft-Progressive narrative indicates should be found: thattheBDS debate combined with systemic bias ‘challenging’ is a good and healthy thing which quite obviously needstobe done as evidenced bythereactions of those who objecttothechallenging.

Thevery fact thatthe‘biased Jewish students’ were offended bytheProcess is proof thattheProcess was honorable & virtuous (andthestudents prejudiced)! That’s how Kafka-Traps work: if you call meanracist, and I objecttobeing calledanracist, thentheKafka-trap (and Ibram Kendi) responds by saying, ‘Of course you objecttobeing calledanracist, that’s what a racist WOULD say!’

Theonly waytobeat a Kafka Trap istorefuse it attheget-go.

But Sheehi’s course is required; it can’t be refused. And it isthecourse itself (andtheLeftist Woke Bias which builds such courses) …. sitting atoptheBDS Debate which is fundamentally anti-Semitic…anti-Conservative….anti-American. AstheNational Association of Scholars puts it, “TheBDS movement threatenstheintegrity of colleges and universities duetoits attempttocapture academic policytosuit its own political goals.” Nor should we be surprised thatthelaw firm, “Crowell & Moring” , which trumpets its own deep DIE commitments, findstheDIE agenda pursued by GWU / Sheehitobe entirely righteous.

What we see demonstrated, over and over again, is thattheEnd which is Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Social Justice justifies whatever Means may be necessary. You can’t make that Perfect Global Omelet without breaking a whole bunch of eggs.Thequestion now is how many students at GWU truly wanttobe ‘broken’ bythehatred preached by people like Sheehi.

Kansas City, Missouri