Suggested works for American history courses

To the editor:

I was taught American history at Christian Heritage Academy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The school is now located at 4400 S.E. 27th Street, Del City, Oklahoma 73115, (405) 672-1787,

The Administration used these books, “The Christian History of The Constitution of the United States of America”, and together with the teachers book: ” Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History” ‘The Principle Approach’ along with “American Dictionary of The English Language” Noah Webster 1828

Now I love history, and “The Chain of Christianity moving Westward started by the Spirits Macodonian call to the Apostle Paul! And I totally agree that we need true professors who teach real truthful history! It is the only way this nation can survive! I will pray for your work! I hope this information is helpful!


Ryke Merrill
Mustang, Oklahoma