Model Legislation

Since 2022, the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal has crafted model legislation addressing various aspects of higher-ed reform. We invite state legislators, officials, and members of the public to consider the following ready-made bills, all of which stand to make university life freer, fairer, more rigorous, and more transparent.

Fair Admissions Act: Ensures equal opportunity and meritocracy in public-university admissions.

General Education Act: Restores a common civic education to the center of American public-university education.

Higher Education Governance Transparency Act: 听Mandates transparency measures for public higher-education boards so that states’ residents and taxpayers can know how their public colleges and universities are being governed.

Model System Policy: Minimum Admissions Requirements Requires incoming students at baccalaureate institutions to meet SAT or ACT college-readiness benchmarks and have a minimum high-school GPA of 3.0.

End Political Litmus Tests in Education Act: Prohibits public schools and universities from requiring candidates to submit diversity statements or any other statements that 鈥減romote a specific partisan, political, or ideological set of beliefs.鈥